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Memory gamesMemory Games to Sharpen Your Brain

Different kinds of games stimulate different mental skills and develop neurological pathways. Some, like Sudoko and chess, hone mathematical skills and logic. Others, like Scrabble and crosswords, improve vocabulary and verbal skills. Various interactive computer games improve reflexes, response times and reasoning as well as providing good doses of the feel-good brain chemical, dopamine, as players achieve their goals and rise to the next level.

Social interaction is also important for mental and brain health. Try to spend at least one evening a week doing something with other people. Bridge, poker and other card games are popular with seniors. Play old-fashioned board games like Monopoly and Scrabble when the grandchildren come to visit. It is good to get them away from their devices too for a while.

Learn something new – a new language, a new skill, a new hobby. Sign on for arts, crafts, pottery, cookery lessons in a new cuisine – anything that makes your brain rise to new challenges and build new neurological pathways. Watch a challenging film with a friend and discuss it together afterwards rather than just zoning out in front of the television.

Whatever you do, have fun!

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