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Your lifestyle and general state of health could be affecting your memory.  Memory Loss has many possible causes and is a symptom rather than a disease in its own right. Fatigue, stress, depression, poor diet, hormone imbalances, medication side effects, brain trauma, uncontrolled diabetes – these are just some of the things that can cause memory issues.  This is why it is always important to see a doctor for a proper medical evaluation if you have any concerns about your memory and other aspects of your health.

Modern life often forces us into multi-tasking whether we like it or not.  Smart phones and internet technology mean that many of us never actually finish work for the day.  The boundaries between work and private life have become blurred and our brains never get a break.  Who can honestly say that they only work 9-5, Monday to Friday, these days?  That said, there are things that we can do to help ourselves tackle the problem pro-actively.  There comes a point when we have to stop, evaluate our lives, take charge and decide what we can do to regain control.

Whatever your age, wise lifestyle choices such as proper nutrition, getting enough sleep and sufficient exercise all play an important part in physical and mental health and these are things that we can usually do something about. If you are tired, stressed and only give your brain junk food and sugar to run on, it is very difficult to think clearly and remember things.  Work with your body and brain, look after both and give them the help they need so that they can perform properly for you.  The Romans were right when they said mens sana in corpore sano which means a healthy mind in a healthy body.

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